Master and PhD Scholarship at Northern Arizona University (USA)

Northern Arizona University’s Intelligent Control Systems team needs to recruit one more Master’s or PhD student in autonomous robots (rovers and drones). This position will have a full scholarship (salary $20,000 for 9 months, full tuition, health insurance for the whole year). This position is different from the previous position about secure autonomous systems.
Candidate Requirements:
– Bachelor degree or master’s degree in a relevant discipline (Automatic Control, Automation, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, …).
– Knowledge and experience in using and programming ROS <- required.
– Experience in robotics or multi-agent systems.
– Good programming skills in Python, C++.
– Priority will be given to candidates with knowledge and experience in container technology (Docker), experience in working with real robots, experience in drones, and/or good research experience.

Time: Starting no later than January 2024 Spring Semester (international students need to apply early to get a visa).

Application: Please send **email in English** as soon as possible to Professor Nghiem Xuan Truong at In your email, please introduce yourself and clearly summarize why you fit the hiring criteria (see bullet points above), as well as why you are interested in the position. Highlight your skills and strengths, especially the ones mentioned above (if any). Please attach your CV, academic transcripts, English scores if available. You can also attach proof of experience related to this position, for example an article, a link to a demo video or your code (GitHub).