The Bachelor – Master (BS-MS) program is implemented from the 2nd semester of the academic year 2020-2021. The BS-MS program allows university students with good or excellent academic results to shorten their study time (about 1 year) in comparison with the total training time of undergraduate and master’s degrees in each respective study program. Students participating in the BS-MS program can enroll in and accumulate master’s degree courses from year 3 during their undergraduate studies (up to 50% of the Master’s program, equivalent to about 22 credits). These cumulative courses are considered for university-level credit (up to 15 credits).

*The announcement for the program implementation can be read here

Conditions to participate the BS-MS program:

  • Junior students (3rd-year students) and above.  
  • The number of accumulated credits at the time of submission: ≥ 65.
  • Cumulative GPA at the time of review: > 70.
  • Apply for the Electronic Engineering Master’s program.

Program organization – Tuition fee – Scholarship:

    1. Regulations:

Undergraduate students participating in the BS-MS program are allowed to register for the courses of the Master’s program specified in the Transition program (up to 50% of the Master’s program). Among the Master’s courses studied, students are allowed to transfer up to 15 credits for the corresponding modules in the Undergraduate program.

    2. Time – Location of the program:

Students study Master’s courses according to the Timetable of each Master training major (most of them study in the evenings at the HCMC campus).

    3. Thesis project:

Students participating in the program must complete and defend their undergraduate and master’s theses according to regulations for their respective Schools or Departments. However, the topic in the undergraduate thesis project can continue to develop its content for their master’s thesis. The level of difference and the professional requirements of the thesis are regulated by the said School or Department.

    4. Tuition fee:

Students who take a course in whichever program must pay the tuition fee according to the regulations in that program. The tuition fee for the Master’s program is as follows:

    – Master of Business Administration program: 129 USD/credit.
    – Other Master’s program: 120 USD/credit.
    – Tuition fees for university courses remain unchanged.

    5. Scholarship:

Students who receive the university entrance exam scholarships when applying for the BS-MS program can transfer their grades, and pay the difference in tuition fees between a master’s and undergraduate course when their transfer scores meet the requirements to maintain the scholarship.

When students complete the undergraduate program, they will submit an official application and will be given priority to consider a Master’s program scholarship (in the case of Non-entrance examination applicants) according to the announcement at the time of official admission for the Master’s programs.

Application process for the BS-MS program:

  1. Submit the scanned version of the application form for the BS-MS program from 12/12 – 23/12/2022 (the student should download the form, fill in the information, then scan the application form) to the email with the mail’s title being [BSMS2022 – Đăng ký chương trình].
  2. Follow the application result from 05 – 09/01/2023 on the website, or via the registered email.
  3. Respond to the result email for confirmation of participation in the BS-MS program (if notified of eligibility to participate). Print the application form in Step 1 and the confirmation of participation in the BS-MS program, then submit it directly to the Office of Graduate Affairs – Room O2.609 from 01-08/02/2023 (the time may change depending on the epidemic situation)
  4. Students are given an account corresponding to their student ID. In the first semester, the request for course registration will be sent via email, and the Office of Graduate Affairs will support BS-MS students to register. Semester 2 of the academic year 2022 – 2023 is expected to start on 30/01/2023.

*For detailed admission information about the BS-MS program, please click here.

**The academic framework for the BS-MS program.

Contact Information:

    Office of Graduate Affairs
Nguyễn Thị Thanh (Ms) – Email:
Tel: 028 3724 4207 – Ext: 3120

    School of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Nguyễn Lập Luật – Email:
Tel: 028 3724 4207 – Ext: 3231