Advanced RF and Microwave Lab (LA2. 109)

  • Established in June 2014
  • Sponsored by World Bank, Ministry of Investment and Development, International University
  • Total investment: more than 2 million US dollars


  • Teaching Lab for Undergraduate and Graduate program
  • Antenna and Microwave Engineering
  • RF Design Circuit
  • Advanced Antenna Design
  • High frequency measurement

Research Topics:

  • RF circuit and RF signal processing
  • Antenna Characterization, Antenna Integration, and Antenna Design
  • Transmitter, Receiver and Transceiver Design

Technology Transfer:

  • Antenna measurement
  • Microwave application

Introduction video

Contact Us:

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Truong Minh
Room office: A2.206
M. Eng Nguyen Minh Thien
Lab Technician
Room office: LA2. 109
Please contact us for further details about hiring the lab equipment to perform experiments and measurements.


Advanced RF & Microwave – MMIC Lab
Description/SpecificationManufacturer Model
Digital Communication AnalyzerAgilent86100C
 Function Waveform Generator (80MHz)Agilent33250A
 PSG Analog Signal Generator (250khz – 20Ghz)AgilentE8257D
 ESA-L Series Spectrum Analyzer (9khz – 26.5Ghz)AgilentE4408B
 Power SupplyAgilentE3630A
 Counter/Power Meter/DVM (26.5 Ghz)Agilent53148A
 Digit Nano Volt/ Micro Ohm MeterAgilent34420A
 Series Power MeterAgilentN1911A
LCR MeterAgilent4263B
Precision LCR MeterAgilent4263B
NFA Series Noise Figure Analyzer (10Mhz – 26.5 Ghz)AgilentN8975A
Preamplifier (1-26.5 Ghz)Agilent8449B
Wireless Communication Test SetAgilentE5515C
Optical Spectrum AnalyzerAgilent86143B
Network/Spectrum/Impedance AnalyzerAgilent4396A
ENA Series Network Analyzer (300 khz-20 Ghz)AgilentE5071C
PNA Network Analyzer (10 Mhz – 67Ghz)AgilentN5227A
ESG Vector Signal Generator (250khz – 3 Ghz)AgilentE4438C
Signal Generator (100khz – 1000 Mhz)Agilent8648A
EMC Analyzer (100 kHz – 26.5 Ghz)AgilentE7405A
ESA – Series Spectrum Analyzer (9 khz – 26.5 Ghz)AgilentE4407B
ESG – D Series Signal Generator (250 khz – 3 Ghz)AgilentE4432B

Standard Gain Horn Antennas

(up to 40 GHz)

Anechonic Champer CapabilitiesNSI