You are now a part of the SEE with coolest students, who are in many ways look like you!
You are all going to experience the most colorful part of your life!

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Memory is always the most valuable thing in human life. The years studying at university are the memories that many people will usually look back and remember with joy. They are the years of hardship, enjoyment, friendships, challenges, sadness, etc. and it is all worth it!
University life is something very special. It is a time when you devote yourself to study. Study at university is very different from your known high school study where you must spend many hours for self-study. At the university, you are going to learn the theory that you need in practice and have a lot of exams. It is important to find out the best method for you to learn and manage your time. Perhaps, in the beginning, you might get
frightening, frustrating, and confusing school time you have ever met! But, congratulation! You are now with the title of IU student and more specific EE-student. When you really are an EE student, do it with pride. Try different methods and find the study life that suits you.

Student life is fantastic! You can organize and enjoy party with your fellow students. At university, you can study alone and win the medal at your graduation ceremony. However, you are recommended to study in a team/group. When you have found your team then your collaboration in the teamwork is, therefore, important. Teamwork brings forth several advantages. It provides you with the opportunity to develop ideas, and look at the problem from different perspective with the help of your fellow students. You learn how to participate in professional discussions, and practice your communicating skill with your partners. With effective teamwork, your team can support you and they can also receive help in return. You can see the world with an analytical approach which helps you recognize problems, and gain knowledge of theories and methods for solutions. Ultimately, after four years studying at SEE-IU you will have experienced numerous projects, conflicts, theories, and successes.
Always, teamwork requires a lot of work, engagement and the acceptance of the critiques. Teamwork can be sometimes hard and monotonous. So, remember to have fun during working with your team, and you may find friends for life if you have a positive teamwork’s atmosphere.
Save time for enjoyment and keep in mind that the joyful moments are just as important as the professional ones. These moments that will let you enjoy your study life, and these are the moments you will remember for a very long time.
So, university life – student life is the time that you build the knowledge, friendships and memories that would be important later in life.
The EE Youth Union & EE Student Union have always been the connecting bridge between students in the school; provides various practical information to the students such as course registration schedules, scholarships, recruitment, seminars, summer internships, extracurricular activities as well as volunteer activities. All information about the unions can be found at the following links:

E-Tech Club is an official academic club belonging to the Electrical Engineering Youth Union. E-Tech Club is responsible for supporting students through the courses’ collective projects and various school-wise academic competitions; help students utilizing their accumulated knowledge during the lecture hours and put into practice.

Moreover, student can discover some club and activities about sport, academic, event, charity HERE!