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IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2021

  The IEEE Signal Processing Society is proud to announce the eighth edition of the Signal Processing Cup: an exciting challenge to control a wireless propagation environment using an intelligent reflecting surface.
  An intelligent reflecting surface is a two-dimensional array of metamaterial whose interaction with electromagnetic waves can be controlled, e.g., by tuning the impedance variations over the surface. These surfaces might be used in the sixth generation (6G) mobile technology to direct wireless signals from a transmitter towards a receiver, to raise the communication performance. The goal of the challenge is to characterize the behavior of an intelligent reflecting surface based on received signals from an over-the-air signaling phase and develop a control algorithm to configure the surface to aid wireless communications.


  If anyone is interested in this competition, please contact the school of EE to form teams, as the competition requires supervision of a faculty members.
  The deadline for registration is 01/ 03/ 2021
  More detailed instruction is shown in IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2021 - GitHub

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