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Internship at AIR LIQUIDE (French Company)

  Air Liquide
  The French multinational company Air Liquide is currently looking to hire 1 intern to focus on business and data aspect of the vietnam branch of the company. The expected salary would be within 2,000,000 - 4,000,000 VND. Further details about the position are listed below:

1. Main tasks:
  - Clean up folder of cylinders; Create one Google Sheet containing all cylinder assets of North and South
  - Clean up folder of scanned documents; Find and Scan any missing documents; Create master file linking to Cylinder for easy searching
  - Check and update Cylinder Holdings data in Gideons
  - Review what assets we keep in SHTP Warehouse; Create Google Form or system to manage "in" and "out"
  - Labelling of cylinders; Input into system
  - Rearrange existing files based on instructions
  - Check data in BLAC for non-conforming or invalid data; Cross check the report list and accuracy of data to raise IT ticket to fix the wrong reports
  - Go with drivers to monitor, train, and instruct about OBC; Propose improvement
  - Rearrange existing files based on instructions
  - Create automated linked reports
  - Upload pending documents to CIS

2. Requirements:
  - Commitment to join 3-4 months/ full-time intern (5 days/week) or 5-6 months/ part-time intern (3 days/week)
  - English skill: reading, writing
  - Computer skill: Key requirement is Excel skills (cleaning, reorganising data)
  - Behavior skills: Adaptability; Proactiveness; Organization

Students who wish to apply for this internship, please send your CV to this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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