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Renesas - Hardware engineer and Software engineer

Currently, the company Renesas Electronics are looking to find new hire for the positions of Hardware engineer ( Physical/ Logic Design) and Software engineer ( C/ C++/ Embedded) for the year 2021. Some knowledge requirements will be listed below. Anyone interested is advised to apply soon.

- Circuit analysis
- Boolean algebra
- Programing (C languages)
- Logic design
- Basic electronics
- Logical thinking

- Arithmetic: Basic mathematics; Binary, Hexadecimal, Decimal conversion; Binary calculation; True Table
- General: Basic SW technical terms; SW development process; Programming language overview; Operation system overview; Endian; Computer architecture; Interrupt
- Programming: C programming (basic, variables, pointers, loop, conditional branching, basic algorithms (like sorting), etc.
- Logical thinking

Please apply for the positions using the following link:

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