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  Vision of the Vietnam National University HCMC – International University

    By the year 2020, the Vietnam National University HCMC – International University will become a top research-oriented university of Vietnam, which has strong collaborations with world wide prestigious universities, institutes, industries, local provinces and society.

  Missions of Vietnam National University HCMC – International University

  • Offering high-quality graduate and undergraduate education in multi-disciplinary. All educational programs are accredited/assessed in accordance with regional and international standards.
  • Offering excellent research including basic and applied research to meet the needs of industry, local provinces and society.
  • Taking the pioneer role in Vietnam by practicing management excellence, inspiring and assisting other VNU members in the advancement toward the development of Vietnam National University – HCMC as a whole.

  Missions of School of Electrical Engineering

Being consistent with the mission of the International University, School of Electrical Engineering aims to:

  • Help students to take the best advantage of their educational opportunities and prepare them with the necessary knowledge to be able to adapt to the rapid change in technology
  • Conduct high-quality research that benefits students, scholar and communities
  • Transfer technology to solve community problems and create strong collaboration with industry

  Program Educational Objectives

The School of Electrical Engineering, International University, Vietnam National University HCMC educates graduates with highly specialized knowledge and skills to:

  • Be a capable Engineer who may contribute in different areas of Electrical and Electronic industries
  • Be engaged in lifelong learning and researching to adopt rapid changes in global economic and technologies
  • Serve efficiently the community, society, and industry in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Have professional working style and leadership.


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