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Dean's Remarks

Dear friends, alumni and prospective students!

Welcome to the School of Electrical Engineering at International University, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

The International University was established in 2003, and Electrical Engineering is one of the majors offered by the university. Consistent with the stated mission of the University, the mission of school of Electrical Engineering is to prepare its graduate for a rapidly changing technological field, specifically in the area of Electronics Engineering, Communication Engineering, and Signal and Image Processing.

The School of Electrical Engineering is rapidly growing in recent years. To meet the vision of the university, the School of Engineering has strived to become a high quality and research-oriented school. Our school provides the students with a dynamic learning environment and the opportunity to collaborate with on-going researches. Our researches focus in the area of transferring technologies to Vietnam’s industry. Our current projects include Global Positional System, Environmental Monitoring and Sampling System, and Automation Traffic Control Center.

To alumni, with the knowledge you have gained and the tremendous efforts you have demonstrated in the past four years, we believe you will be successful in your career. We hope that you will be able to contribute productively to the society. In addition, we would like to continuously hear from you, specifically recommendations and ideas to actively improve our school.

To the prospective students, we hope that you will consider joining us to become the next generation of innovative electrical engineers. At our school, you will be able to explore the amazing world of electrical engineering through our flexible curriculum, attractive academic activities, and on-going researches.

The School's Dean

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