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Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

Major code: 7520207

  1. Educational objectives:
    • Provide complete knowledge base and skills in the field of Electrical Engineering.
    • Serve and respond to industry needs, scientific research and postgraduate studies
    • Prepare graduates to adapt to rapid changes in the fields of Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication.
  2. Educational areas of expertise:
    • Microelectronics and Embedded Systems: Advanced training in the design, manufacture, and application of digital and analog ICs, microprocessor systems.
    • Telecommunication system: In-depth training in the design and operation of high-speed communication systems, data communication networks, mobile networks, internet and new technologies on smartphones.
    • Signal Processing: training in the design and development of digital video, audio, video, and data processing systems.
    • Ultra-High Frequency Circuit Design: Advanced training in the design and development of high-frequency ICs, ultrasonic devices for radar, wireless communications, satellite and national defense.
  3. Career opportunities:
    • Work for foreign companies or domestic corporations or companies in the field of IC design, consumer electronics, and information technology.
    • Work for corporate communications, information, mobile networks at home and abroad, aviation and transportation companies.
    • Career development at entertainment & advertisment companies.

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