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Control Engineering and Automation

Major code: 7520216

  1. Educational objectives:
    • Developing a solid foundation in engineering and systems engineering in the industry.
    • Obtaining deep knowledge about the production line.
    • Promoting self-learning ability to grasp new technologies and soft skills necessary, encouraging qualified learners to continue their studies at home and abroad.
  2. Educational areas of expertise:
    • Design and operation of the robot
    • Programming PLC and SCADA
    • Apply control and optimization
    • Design and operation of automation lines in the 4.0 technology
  3. Career opportunities:
    • Working for domestic and foreign companies in the field of automation and electronics such as manufacturing consumer goods, food technology, agricultural and seafood processing technology, oil and gas.
    • Being able to start a business, consulting, providing solutions in the field of automation, automatic equipment
    • Working as managers or technicians for state agencies or foreign companies.

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