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1. What is the admission method for the International University this year ?
    Most relevant information about the admission program of the International University can be found at the Admission section.

2. What is the tuition fees for the programs at International University ?
    Please check the following links for details:
        ‣ General tuition and Scholarship infomation
        ‣ More information for Twinning programs

3. What is the curriculum of the programs offered by the School of Electrical Engineering ?
    Please check the following links for the detailed breakdown of all the programs
        ‣ Electrical Engineering
        ‣ Automation and Control
        ‣ Twinning Programs

4. I am a new student at IU, where can I find administrative offices at the campuses ?
    The full list can be found at offices and centers

5. Where can i find accomodations during my study at IU ?
    If you are from other cities, or if you lives too far from the university, please consider the student dormitory of the Vietnam National University, HCM: KTX - VNUHCM


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