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  The School of Electrical Enginnering designed the  following program objectives to help the students graduate with good understanding and expertise in order to:
➼ Become a qualified enginner and contribute in different field of Electronics and Electrical.
➼ Constantly study and research to become accustomed to the changing technological and economic landscape.
➼ Become a helpful element of the community, the society, and the industry with a good sense of responsibility and moral.
➼ Have professional working manner and leadership.


  The program will have the following specific objectives for the students:
➼ Obtaining solid foundation and knowledge about the general landscape of Electronics and Electrical, and about the theoretical and practical aspects of Electrical Engineering
➼ Obtaining the competence in designing, developing, and integrating different systems, as well as operating and repairing them.
➼ Obtaining supplementary knowledge on business and management.
➼ Obtaining good English skills in order to pursue higher education program domestically or internationally, and to resolve issues in technology, society, politic, and economics.
➼ Obtaining professionalism, work ethics, group working skills, as well as leadership and management skills.
➼ Obtaining good political qualities to live and work while obeying the legal law of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
➼ Being aware of protecting the nature, as well as designing and operating systems that have minimal impact on the surrounding


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